Marcio Ferreira

Lead Mobile Developer


iOS Native Development (Objective-C, Swift), React Native, Java, Java EE, Spring Framework, REST API, JBoss, NodeJS, Express, Linux, Maven, Jenkins, Continuous Integration, SQL (Oracle, MySQL), Web Development, Mobile App Development, Javascript, TypeScript, SQL Lite, Bug Fixing, App Feature Conceptualization and Implementation.



Marcio Ferreira is the Lead Mobile Developer at Visian Systems, with nearly two decades of experience in the software development field. As an experienced Senior Software Engineer, Marcio has worked in the Software Houses and Retail industry, where he has honed his skills in mobile development, particularly in iOS Native (Objective-C/Swift) and React Native for Android and iOS.

Marcio's expertise extends to a range of technologies, including Java, Java EE, Spring Framework, REST API, JBoss, NodeJS/Express, Linux, Maven, Jenkins / CI, and SQL (Oracle/MySQL), with specialization focused on Web and Mobile. He is a skilled developer with a demonstrated history of developing efficient and robust software solutions.

At Visian Systems, Marcio is responsible for the mobile app development for iOS and Android. His main responsibilities include the conceptualization and implementation of all features of the app, fixing bugs, and improving the existing code base. He is proficient in various technologies such as Javascript / Typescript, React Native, Java, Objective-C, SQL Lite, and other frameworks. Marcio's experience and expertise make him a valuable asset to the Visian Systems team, where he continues to produce exceptional mobile apps that meet the needs of the company's clients.


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