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Furmark is the comprehensive global certification and traceability system for natural fur that guarantees animal welfare and environmental standards. Furmark responds to consumer demands for simple, recognisable, and global certification and brings together the leading independently-verified certification programmes.


Project Overview

The Furmark project represents a natural progression stemming from the highly successful WelFur Mobile Application (WMA) initiative. Over the course of five decades, the International Fur Federation (IFF) has served as a dedicated advocate for the worldwide fur industry, boasting a membership that spans 56 associations across 40 countries. Its mission encompasses the promotion of fur-related enterprises, the provision of unwavering support to designers and retailers, and the vigilant oversight of industry practices and trade activities.

Notably, the IFF has been a trailblazer in establishing certification and traceability programmes with a steadfast focus on animal welfare and environmental standards. Within its ranks, a diverse array of stakeholders can be found, ranging from farmers and trappers to dressers, manufacturers, brokers, auction houses, retailers, and designers. All members of this esteemed federation willingly subscribe to a rigorous code of conduct, thereby pledging their unwavering commitment to adhere to the laws and regulations of their respective countries.

In the context of the Furmark project, our role was to collaborate with the IFF in the implementation of a comprehensive global database. This strategic endeavour underscores our dedication to advancing the twin pillars of animal welfare and environmental responsibility within the fur industry on a global scale.


Project Execution

In contrast to the WMA project, the Furmark project did not require creating a mobile application. This is due to the fact that the International Fur Federation's (IFF) certification criteria did not involve dispatching assessors to on-site locations. Instead, our team created new methods for collecting, manipulating, and storing additional data. This innovative approach was essential in facilitating the management of a considerable number of farms and auction houses spread across a broader geographical expanse.

To gain a more comprehensive understanding of the overall project, we recommend reviewing the WelFur Mobile Application case study. Furthermore, it was necessary to use the resources that were already present in the previous project, and also integrate new certification programmes specific to each country and establish the structure for a global database.


Project Results

The Furmark project has achieved remarkable success by creating a global certification and traceability system for natural fur. This system employs independent, science-based protocols that have received certificates from reputable third-party organizations. The primary objective of this initiative is to offer consumers a higher level of transparency and confidence when it comes to their fur products. To achieve this, we introduced innovative data collection, manipulation, and storage methods, which enabled us to efficiently manage numerous farms and auction houses spread across a more extensive geographical area. Furmark also integrated newly established in-country certification programmes and implemented a comprehensive global database. These endeavours align with Furmark's overarching mission, which aims to promote fur-related businesses, provide crucial support to designers and retailers, and oversee industry practices, all while ensuring strict compliance with in-country laws.

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