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The Client

Ice Communications are an independent consultant which specialise in mobile, traditional landline, hosted, and broadband business telecommunication solutions.Since 2008, Ice Comms has focused on building and maintaining solid relationships with customers and suppliers. 

Project Overview

Ice Comms approached us with a challenge: they needed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The primary objective was to establish a platform capable of housing the prospects and leads data of every employee. However, this system needed to do much more than that. It had to enable users to schedule tasks, form and manage teams, generate quotes, and provide access to sales data and other critical information through various dashboards.

Our role in this project was multifaceted as we were tasked with resolving any outstanding issues, introducing new features, and ultimately making the platform fully functional. During this period, we also expanded our development team to accommodate the project's demands. This expansion allowed us to deliver a high-quality product within the specified timeframe.

Project Execution

Visian Systems faced a significant challenge when working with Ice Communications. This challenge involved gaining a deep understanding of Ice Comms' corporate culture, their strategies and procedures for both pre and post-sales processes, and their vision for expanding their customer base. Establishing a clear and honest communication channel was crucial in achieving this understanding.

Unlike scientific applications where outcomes are driven by precise mathematical algorithms, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems represent a different category of IT applications. In the case of CRMs, success hinges on the system's ability to capture pertinent data in alignment with the client's strategic objectives. This not only aims to satisfy the end-users but also plays a pivotal role in supporting upper management in their decision-making processes.

To tackle this project, we opted for Laravel, a PHP framework renowned for its effectiveness in developing web systems with a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. In addition to PHP, we leveraged JavaScript, Vue.js, the Django framework, and MySQL to implement the required features effectively. Finally, we integrated the platform with DocuSign, streamlining the sales process and enhancing overall efficiency.

Project Results

After a full year dedicated on this project, we accomplished the successful development and integration of several crucial features for Ice Communications. These features encompassed a wide range of functionalities, such as the creation of quotes and purchase orders, the implementation of notifications, the ability to import and export prospect data, management of tariffs, tracking of bolt-on and hardware information, and the establishment of user, company, and contact profiles. Furthermore, Visian Systems introduced task and team menus designed to optimize Ice Communications' client management procedures.

These enhancements had a substantial impact on Ice Comms' ability to effectively manage its clients. It provided the company with a robust set of tools to better serve their customers and formulate action plans aimed at enhancing customer retention and loyalty. By offering Ice Comms with a centralized platform for customer data management and process streamlining, Visian Systems played a pivotal role in supporting the company's growth and overall success.

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