Miro app scans feet for precise shoe sizing, reducing returns & multiple orders.

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Different shoe brands often follow diverse sizing standards, resulting in a customer being a size 7 in one brand and a size 8 in another. Recognizing this, the Miro app utilizes advanced technology to scan your feet and determine the accurate size for the particular shoe you are considering. This ensures you secure the perfect fit in your initial attempt, eliminating the hassle of returning ill-fitting shoes or ordering several sizes.

Project Overview

The retail industry has perennially grappled with the dilemma of processing returns for shoes that don't fit aptly, an issue that escalates costs and inconveniences customers. This primarily stems from the variability in sizing across different brands. To mitigate this issue, we teamed up with MIRO Solutions UK Limited to create a mobile application that aids both retailers and customers. This app facilitates retailers to catalogue their shoe inventory in a database, incorporating detailed specifications for each size, including length and width, ultimately simplifying the shopping process for consumers.

Project Execution

To alleviate the challenges faced by both retailers and customers, our app enables the former to document their shoe inventory in a database that enumerates precise measurements for each size. This functionality seamlessly integrates with retailers' websites, allowing users to scan a QR code for a specific product and then initiate the app installation or opening. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms and computer vision, the app meticulously scans the user's foot to ascertain the precise measurements. After computation, it connects to a back-end platform that suggests the appropriate size for the selected shoe. This initiative promises to heighten the likelihood of a first-time perfect fit, reducing the repercussions of returns and enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Project Results

The majority of the critical development phases of the MIRO project transpired in the initial six months. In this period, we channelled our energies to train the pattern recognition algorithm proficiently. A parallel approach was adopted for mobile design, averting potential delays and enabling the development of a functional prototype within a few months. This accelerated pace in the early stages permitted us to concentrate on refining the app’s functionalities in the subsequent months. As the project neared completion, we assisted our partners in securing approvals for app release on both Google and Apple platforms. Our role encompassed addressing technical aspects, crafting artwork for app stores, and rectifying issues highlighted in app reviews while our partners navigated privacy policy concerns. This collaborative and well-segmented workflow expedited the approval process, culminating in a successful launch that satisfied all stakeholders involved.

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