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Project Overview

We collaborated with SmartOn to develop a smart hardware solution for collecting dynamic data. The system involved installing a gateway in light panels and connecting it to a cloud server. This gateway feeds the server with various data, including power, consumption, and current of the client's circuits. The data helps the system to calculate energy consumption, allowing customers to monitor their usage, set goals, and develop strategies for reducing energy costs. To ensure the accuracy and security of the data collected, we developed an efficient communication system between the gateway and the server. Additionally, we created an interface that presents the data in a clear format to users.


Project Execution

Our project faced its first challenge with setting up communication between the gateway and the server. This communication is crucial for the service's future processes. Our team focused on guarantee accurately data storage according to the expected number of users. We also implemented measures to simplify the smart hardware's implementation and ensure optimal server performance. An impressive achievement of the project was the website's inteface to presents user information in graphical formats. These features make it easy for users to monitor all their connected devices and circuits and develop action plans to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs. Our team focused on creating an easily accessible interface for all users. We also ensured that all requested information was displayed clearly and accurately calculated.


Project Results

The SmartOn’s Gateway project successed in developing an efficient communication system between the gateway and the server, ensuring that all data is accurately collected and stored. The measures to simplify the smart hardware's installation made it more accessible to the user. And the website interface was also well received by our partner, as it made monitoring energy consumption easier and enabled users to develop action plans to reduce costs. The graphical representations of data on the website simplified the understanding of user energy consumption patterns. Overall, the project achieved its goal demonstrating the potential of smart hardware to optimize energy consumption and reduce costs, benefiting both residential and commercial users.

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