A friendly and reliable guide app to the wonderful and lively city of London.

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Wagtail CMS

Project Overview

Tourism is, no doubt, a relevant source of revenue for most of countries, especially those having historical assets to attract people seeking culture. London is a pretty good example of a city offering many historical sites, not to mention those which are still being used by the Royal Family. Unfortunately, when returning home, most of the tourists cannot avoid the frustration of not having visited the most interesting sites in a history-rich city, reason why they seek local support to help them optimize their agenda/itinerary. A pretty good opportunity for an app to come in their rescue, offering good advise regarding sites, restaurants and accommodations.

Project Execution

Joint with My World Trademarks, our mission was to deliver a new travel experience to London visitors. We have built an iconic new travel App for London that is available in multiple languages and compatible with all smartphones, tablets and laptops. The app is a one-stop shop providing real-time and up-to-date information that users want and need during their visit to London, while our customised tools will enable them to personalise the app and make it work for them as per their specific requirements. Right from booking attractions, eating out and shopping, accessing deals in the vicinity of their travel and real-time travel and weather updates, and offering them access to a rewards and redemption platform.

Project Results

Developed within a sixteen months timeframe, the app was conceived to deliver an enchanting user-friendly experience through the use of augmented reality technology. Interactive information of all London city creates the best and most satisfactory travel experience possible.

The first version of the app was developed using Java/Spring and AngularJS frameworks as well as Reactive Native library for Android and iOS. In recent versions VISIAN opted to work with Django and GraphQL in the back-end, both written in Python, keeping Reactive Native in JavaScript in the front-end, which used Objective-C and C# within UIKit, AFNetwork frameworks. Augmented reality was also used in the app through Unity.

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