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From 10/01/2023 to 10/01/2023

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Project Overview

The project to improve RiskXchange's platform aims at addressing a range of issues, including errors in the server's SSL connection and the broken migration file. The team is also working to enhance the platform's overall development. One of the main challenges is the occurrence of several errors, failed migration files and the seed breaking the dump data. Alongside these improvements, we have also started developing a chatbot for the RiskXchange platform.

Project Execution

The project includes a review of the platform's general impressions that allowed us to enhance the user experience. These include the absence of a general orientation to configure the system, missing Docker, and an outdated README file. The team will also consider using Typescript to improve the platform's performance while addressing several usability issues. Additionally, the project aims to streamline the complexity of QueryLog and endpoints in the frontend. Moreover, we have developed a chatbot for the RiskXchange platform to help users understand the importance of cybersecurity. They can ask the chatbot questions related to cybersecurity and receive informative responses. To deliver this feature, we are integrating RiskXchange's platform with the latest API of ChatGPT from OpenAI available.

Project Results

The project's main objective was to improve RiskXchange's platform. We delivered multiple solutions that significantly enhanced its performance, usability, and overall user experience. Our solutions included fixing the errors in the server's SSL connection, repairing the broken migration file, and resolving the seed issue that was breaking the dump data. Additionally, we developed a chatbot for the RiskXchange platform, which provides users with a general orientation on cybersecurity. Overall the project successfully delivered the fixes that met our client's expectations. The chatbot addition further adds value to the platform and its users.

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