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The Client 

Founded in 2008, Eleven Plus Centre is a renowned tuition centre based in the heart of West London. They have garnered multiple prestigious awards for their unwavering commitment to preparing young minds for the challenges of Grammar and Independent school entrance exams.


Project Overview

The goal was to create a web-based mock exam platform for Grammar and Independent school entrance exams such as GL Assessment, CEM, CSSE, Tiffin/SET, ISEB. The client requested that these online mock tests closely resemble the actual paper exams in terms of style, standards, and layout. The mock exam platform works as a comprehensive resource for revision and learning, providing students with handwritten and video solutions to enhance their comprehension of school exams. Furthermore, the system incorporates a user-friendly dashboard equipped with a comparison tool and statistical data analysis capabilities, enabling students to monitor their progress and gain valuable insights into their performance. Students have opportunities for online practice, skill refinement, and performance enhancement in preparation for their final exams.


Project Execution

The project's execution revolved around the online mock exam platform creation, tailored to specific educational boards. We used React for front-end development, Node and Firebase for the back-end, including storage and data recovery. We used Figma to design wireframes, UI, and prototypes while we streamlined efficiency by procuring a professional template. The landing page served as a gateway to capture customer information in exchange for value, and our choice for creating robust authentication and authorization systems fell upon Firebase. For the dashboard, we integrated a comparison tool, and statistical data, and implemented authorization checks to enhance user experience.

For the exam creation phase, we developed a comprehensive system that managed school-specific exams and allowed for customization of answer choices and resolutions, with Firebase interactions and NAS for data storage. In the exam resolution stage, students can select exams, solve questions with a timer, and view answers.


Project Results

We successfully completed the MVP for the Mock Exam Centre. This achievement has led to create an exceptional web-based platform designed for mock exams, specifically tailored to help students pass Grammar and Independent school entrance exams. Our platform offers a range of comprehensive tools to facilitate revision and learning, encompassing features such as handwritten and video solutions.

The project involved utilising cutting-edge technologies, including React, Node, Firebase, and Figma for the design phase. We undertook various critical stages throughout the project's lifecycle, including authentication and authorization implementation, the development of an intuitive dashboard, the creation and customisation of exams, and the subsequent resolution. These are just a few highlights of our multifaceted efforts.

Furthermore, our dedicated team meticulously conducted final testing and resolved any identified bugs, ensuring a seamless user experience. In addition, we provided training sessions to equip users with the knowledge and skills to make the most of our platform.

As the project approached its conclusion, our attention turned to the meticulous preparations for the product's launch. In this crucial phase, we laid the foundation by defining essential launch metrics, successfully executing the product's launch by April 2023, and conducting a post-launch retrospective. 

We take immense pride in our contribution to education, empowering students through technological innovation solutions.


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