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Project Overview

Building strong partnerships with our clients leads to receiving new projects due to positive feedback. And it was no exception with our client, Preceptech. They reached out to us for a more challenging project in game development. We gladly accepted the task of creating S@SIM, a virtual space hardware lab designed to enable students to imagine, build, test and launch their space ideas at a much lower cost and in a shorter time than with physical space technologies. To tackle this exciting project, we assembled a team of highly skilled game developers to bring S@SIM to life. Our goal was to create a unique and engaging experience that would provide students with an interactive and fun way to explore space technology.

Project Execution

The S@SIM Virtual Space Lab offers the chance to learn about building, testing, and launching space hardware in an interactive and fun way. The development team has set out several milestones to ensure the game meets the highest standards in quality and provides an enjoyable experience for players. The first milestone is the creation of the S@SIM Content System, which serves as the foundation for the game's various systems and mechanics. The team then created the S@SIM Content Editor UI in Unity, allowing efficient creation and editing of the game's content. The game includes parts based on actual aerospace technology to make it more realistic. The gameplay comes along with several missions to give players objectives to complete. An Inventory system will help players track their progress and access new parts as they progress. Finally, we added a Research System enabling players to explore new technologies and unlock additional equipment.

Project Results

To enhance the player experience, we concentrated on improving the game's entertainment value after setting up the necessary systems. We have completed S@SIM's first beta version and moved to new improvements. Now we are incorporating new missions, behaviours, and win/loss conditions on deployment. Our team is committed to ensuring the game is polished, enjoyable and of the highest quality. We take pride in partaking in the S@SIM Virtual Space Lab project. It's a stimulating and ambitious challenge. Our team is determined to create a game that is both educational and enjoyable, offering students an amazing opportunity to explore space hardware in a fun and interactive manner.

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