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Project Overview

Grassroot is a platform designed to assist in managing local communities since mobilizing and organizing even a small group of people can be time-consuming and require specific skills. With the Grassroot tool, organizing and mobilizing the app user's neighbours will be easier, more efficient, and quicker. The tool allows for calling meetings, conducting votes, and recording shared to-do lists, ensures reaching all group members, regardless of whether they use the app or don't. In this project, we developed a new version of the Grassroot application for Android, implementing new features to enhance the user's experience with the platform.


Project Execution

For this project, our team utilized the Java/Spring framework. This framework has a specific design to simplify the development of applications by exploring the concepts of inversion of control containers and dependency injection. Additionally, we employed native Android application development to improve the functionality and user experience of the Grassroot application. To enhance the Grassroot platform, we implemented several key features. First, we created a user registration and authentication system to allow users to create and manage profiles easily. This feature ensures that the user's information is secure and that only authorized users can access the platform's functionalities. We also included a timeline of activity that captures media, events, and notifications related to community events, public meetings, votes, and assignments. Moreover, we implemented a location map and list, enabling users to view a range of activities in their vicinity. This feature displays information about public meetings, public groups, private groups, safety alerts, and contacts, which can help coordinate community activities and keep community members informed.


Project Results

Adding new features to the Grassroot Android application has significantly improved the user experience, making it an essential tool for community organization, mobilization, and communication. Users will be able to more effectively manage their groups and stay up-to-date with community events thanks to the authentication of new users, profile settings, and activity timelines. Furthermore, the location map and list feature allows users to easily view public and private group activities, safety alerts, and contacts, providing a comprehensive view of nearby community events. With these features, the Grassroot Android application is an indispensable tool for those looking to mobilize and organize their local communities.

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