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Project Overview

Our goal for this project was to create a demo website for a data science project focused on the mining industry. The website will be developed in two stages, starting with the backend before integrating it with the website. The target completion date for the website was the end of November, with limited functionality initially. However, we expect to have more features added to it later. The website ought to be showcased at two high-profile conferences in London: Mines & Money and Minex London.

Project Execution

We designed the website to be user-friendly and engaging, with a landing page featuring a project presentation, an "about" section, a demo button, a contact section, and a footer. The company profiles included pre-loaded descriptions from Yahoo! Finance, with toggleable information on location, resources, people, stock charts, and risk factors. The website also featured a Leaflet map object, a static HTML table, and a ChartJS library for data visualization. For this project, we chose JavaScript to support Yahoo Finance queries and populate the pages with relevant information. The project was completed in advance, in a November 25 deadline, with small releases to the client for feedback, and it required less than 80 hours of work.

Project Results

We are delighted to announce that our demo website for the mining industry has successfully achieved all the goals we set for it. The website's detailed profiles of Azarga Metals and Orsu Metals offer investors and mining companies a comprehensive overview of the industry. We completed the project within the estimated hours, and our clients were happily satisfied. Additionally, the website was showcased at two high-profile conferences in London, providing an excellent platform to demonstrate its potential. Our website successfully shows the power of data science in the mining industry, making it an invaluable resource for both investors and mining companies

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