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Project Overview

Digital Ink hired our team to develop WMA to assist trained programme assessors evaluating fur farms and obtain the WelFur certificate from Fur Europe. The farms must be visited at least three times a year, during the three-year cycle, by an assessor to receive the certification. In each visit, the assessor evaluates the farm's animal welfare conditions based on a comprehensive set of predefined parameters. The app is designed for tablet devices to provide better visualization. Also, Visian Systems was responsible for creating and integrating the WMA databases with WelFur's servers.

Project Execution

WMA features a friendly and well-designed user interface. It allows assessors to rank several parameters while in the field with ease. The app then generates a detailed report and final score based on these rankings, determining whether a certificate will be awarded or won't. It's worth noting that the scoring process is based on a complex set of rules, all of which were seamlessly integrated into the app. We developed WMA's back-end using Python with the Django framework. We also implemented other features to facilitate data exportation in other file extensions, such as XML. It is particularly efficient for reporting and storing data in WelFur's PostgreSQL database. The mobile front-end, on the other hand, was developed using JavaScript, React Native, Expo, and NativeBase UI frameworks.

Project Results

Following more than five years of dedication to this complex project, the Visian Systems team successfully developed and implemented the database and apps following the program specifications, producing tangible and positive outcomes. During the development of WMA, Visian Systems prioritized the creation of a clean, intuitive, and user-friendly interface for assessors. By taking this approach, we aimed to streamline the farm certification process and surpass Digital Ink and Fur Europe's expectations by delivering an application with high efficiency in data processing.

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