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Project Overview

We presented our Proof of Concept (PoC) for a white-label mobile app to Parfin that meets the following requirements: user-friendliness, exceptional design, and easy integration with other apps. Our PoC idea is based on Parfin's theme and includes the following features:

  • Authentication is currently hardcoded in the configuration;
  • A private RSA key is stored on the user's phone while the public key is stored on the server;
  • The app has two nodes: Parfin and the client's bank;
  • Transactions are sent to the client's bank for approval. The keys are validated and partially signed before being sent to Parfin, where they are signed again and executed.

Overall, our PoC demonstrates a user-friendly, secure, and aesthetically pleasing mobile app for fintech that can be integrated easily with other apps.

Project Execution

The Zmeu mobile app is a project initiated for Parfin MPC Custody's platform. After the proof of concept (PoC) was approved, we began developing a minimum viable product (MVP). The primary goal of this app is to allow customer admins to view and approve/reject transfers generated on Parfin's web app. We selected Flutter as the front-end technology, the same used in the PoC. The Zmeu mobile app has several requirements, such as iOS and Android compatibility (minimum requirements to be determined), biometric support (Face and Fingerprint), QR code scanning, access to the secure enclave of the operating system (iOS and Android), credentials login with 2FA support, and APK file containing the public key of the policy engine. The Zmeu mobile app's Transaction Waiting Approval page shows transaction details like the amount and destination. Users can cancel or approve the transaction. If they approve it, the app validate the biometrics and check the RSA key before displaying a confirmation screen. If an error occurs, the app shows a generic error screen, and the app's cryptographic functions are secure because the APK file contains the public key of the policy engine.

Project Results

The Zmeu mobile app was successfully developed and delivered as an MVP to Parfin MPC Custody's platform. The app provides customer admins with a secure and user-friendly way to approve or reject transfers initiated on Parfin's web app. The team demonstrated high levels of expertise and professionalism, delivering the project within the agreed-upon timeline and budget. Overall, the Zmeu mobile app empowers Parfin's customers to securely manage their digital assets while seamlessly transitioning between traditional financial instruments and emerging digital currencies. The app's development represents a significant milestone towards integrating traditional and digital technologies in finance, providing a streamlined and secure solution to customers in the digital economy.

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